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Bisexual Pride Leather Rose

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Bisexual Pride Leather Rose
Bisexual Pride Leather Rose
Bisexual Pride Leather Rose
Bisexual Pride Leather Rose
Bisexual Pride Leather Rose

The bisexual pride flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998 in order to give thbisexual community its own symbol comparable to the gay pride flag of the larger LGBT community. His aim was to increase the visibility of bisexuals, both among society as a whole and within the LGBT community. The first bisexual pride flag was unveiled at the BiCafe's first anniversary party on December 5, 1998 after Page was inspired by his work with BiNet USA.

Design and colors

Page took the colors from an existing bisexual symbol and gave it his own spin, saying,

Biangles, or bisexuality triangles, are another symbol for the bisexual community with unclear origins. The crescent moon symbol is another symbol for bisexuality that deliberately avoids the imagery of the pink triangle.

Page describes the meaning of the pink, lavender, and blue (ratio 2:1:2) flag as this: "The pink color represents sexual attraction to the same sex only (gay and lesbian). The blue represents sexual attraction to the opposite sex only (straight) and the resultant overlap color purple represents sexual attraction to both sexes (bi)."

Page describes the flag’s meaning in deeper terms, stating "The key to understanding the symbolism of the Bisexual pride flag is to know that the purple pixels of color blend unnoticeably into both the pink and blue, just as in the 'real world,' where bi people blend unnoticeably into both the gay/lesbian and straight communities."

The flag's aspect is not fixed but 2:3 and 3:5 are often used, in common with many other flags.

The stripe colors and widths, from top to bottom, are pink (40%), purple (20%), and blue (40%). The exact colors given by the designer are: PMS226, 258, and 286. Their approximate HTML values are #D60270, #9B4F96, #0038A8; their approximate RGB values are (214,2,112), (155,79,150), and (0,56,168), respectively. It is not patented, trademarked, or service marked.

A leather rose or roses would make a wonderful Anniversary gift, 3rd wedding anniversary gift for a husband or wife, forever Valentines gift or just any everyday gift to say I love you. All roses are made to order. Just like in nature on one rose is alike. 

Custom colors can be requested. Allow 1 week for production and 1 week for delivery in the US. Delivery outside the US will take longer

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