Witches Runes

Witches' runes are fairly new compared to the ancient Norse runic alphabet known as the Elder futhark OR the ancient Ogham alphabet. I’ve researched and researched and can’t find a solid source as to the Witches runes’ true origins. All sources say they are a modern version of a magical alphabet invented specifically for witches’ divination purposes. Theories abound as to the witches’ runes history, but all agree they were probably invented in the nineteenth or early twentieth centuries.


The Witches Runes are far from ancient or extraordinary. Many common forms of runes, such as the Elder Futhark, were from ancient civilizations and were used as part of the written language of the day. The Witches Runes have no clear origin; however, they certainly are a modern creation catering to the modern Witch or Diviner. While this set comes in 13, there are other sets known to contain 8 or 10. Some say there are 13 to represent the number of moons in a year.