A "Little" About Me

I’m never good at these things. Writing about myself and what drives me. I feel like I’m in high school and have to write an essay and I panic. Never was very good at English.

I have never been a very spiritual person, I don’t Identify with any specific religion and have always been very wary of people that claim to heal you with a touch, a rock or some potion created in the kitchen of a stranger. I believe in what I can see or touch. I believe in cause and effect. I believe whatever you do to another comes back to you 10-fold. I believe in positive thinking, and I believe in myself. I believe in what I am doing, and I am more and more Intune with the stones and supplies I am using. I do believe my Husband and that we are all made of energy and whatever energy you put forth others will receive.  But most of all I believe in doing no harm to others.

So today I present myself to you as a Healer. I use the energy I have, to combine stones that will resonate with the wearer and provide the balance you need. I will combine stones that will affect your chakras while helping to align your aura.

Remember that your mala is there to be used as a tool for meditation, healing, and manifesting. It is a portable temple, designed to bring you to your peaceful and grateful center so that you can live in alignment with your intentions and driven by sacred purpose. Use your mala with love and it will serve you well.

The more I worked with Stones and other materials I started to expand my collections. next step for me was Collars. Collars are a very personal statement. I found designing and creating collars was another creative outlet i enjoyed. 

Considered by some to be the greatest symbol of their surrender, a collar is the outward symbol of their status as someone’s property. Collars are worn to denote submissiveness or slavery to a particular Master/Mistress. A collared submissive is viewed as the property of that Dominant and any interaction with the submissive must be approved by the Dominant who owns the collar. A collar given solely for a purpose of play is used to help the submissive in achieving the head space necessary for an SM session. Collars do not have to be worn around the neck. They can be any physical symbol the Dominant and submissive agree to, from brands, tattoos, rings, bracelets and more. Many relationships have no outward symbol even though they consider themselves collared. It is a personal preference whether a symbol will be worn or not.

A collar comes in as many physical forms as it does symbolism. A collar can be a basic leather band, a piece of jewelry, specially made steel locking collars, tattoos, brands, piercing or other mark. There really is no rule for what one should look like as long as the people involved in the relationship agree with what it means to them.

"Bless'd Be"