Black Tourmaline Earrings

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Black Tourmaline Earrings
Black Tourmaline Earrings
Black Tourmaline Earrings
Black Tourmaline Earrings

Black tourmaline will gives you protection from electromagnetic frequencies emitted by cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.
This stone is good to help draw out toxins and anything else that isn't good for your physical body. Just as it helps to clear away spiritual, mental and emotional angst, this stone helps you become conscious of what needs to be cleared in order to have a healthy body.
Black tourmaline helps purify the body of toxins and wastes. It can support the cleansing of heavy metals and environmental pollutants from the body. Black tourmaline has a pain alleviating effect and conducts body energy. It will neutralise the influence of radiation. It defends against debilitating disease, strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis, provides pain relief and realigns the spinal column.

Black tourmaline helps draw out dark, negative emotions holding you back from living a happy life. This stone helps you uncover deeper hidden reasons for negative actions or reactions toward others. With this stone in hand, find the source of the emotional problem so you can heal the drama and the trauma.
This stone helps you disengage from obsessive or compulsive behaviours and release chronic worry and anxiety. Black tourmaline discharges tension and protects you from negative thoughts and also helps with stress. Black tourmaline encourages you to have a positive attitude to life, no matter what the circumstances. It clears negative thought patterns. Black tourmaline draws off negative energy.

Black tourmaline is helpful when you are feeling scattered and constantly being pulled off centre. Use it to help you remain focused on the task at hand. Let it clear away repetitive, outdated thoughts, so you can continue to achieve your goals and aspirations. This stone helps shield you from the effects of jealousy, yours or others. It also facilitates order in the face of general chaos. During meditation, this stone cleanses the auric field and all dimensions of the etheric body. Black tourmaline is ideal for psychic protection, particularly if you work or live in challenging places or circumstances. Black tourmaline stimulates clear, logical and rational thought processes. It will help you recognise mistakes and analyse them.

Black tourmaline grounds your spiritual practice into everyday life. With this stone, delve into the deeper aspects of your consciousness to uncover past lives. This stone also deflects negative energy. Keep it close by for protection while doing readings or any type of spiritual healing. This stone provides the ever important mindfulness, awareness and peripheral vision in spiritual practice. Black tourmaline provides a grounding path for Light to enter the Earth plane. Black tourmaline offers you the ability to be neutral and also encourages you to have a more relaxed attitude to life. It will defend you from psychic attack, spells and ill wishing. Black tourmaline is a base chakra stone and as such grounds you and increases physical vitality, releases tension and stress.

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