Horseshoe Chandelier Earrings

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Horseshoe Chandelier Earrings
Horseshoe Chandelier Earrings
Horseshoe Chandelier Earrings
Horseshoe Chandelier Earrings

Horseshoe has always been considered a symbol for good luck. For example, the Chinese see the resemblance to the curved body of Nagendra, the sacred snake, in the horseshoe, while for the Turks it recalls the crescent, symbol of Isis and their country. 

In Roman times, the belief has a military origin. The troops marched on foot, but only the officers went on horseback and the loss of iron from the hoof caused a stop, and therefore it meant rest for the troops. Finding horseshoes had thus become a game among the soldiers and whoever found the most was the winner, therefore the luckiest.

In medieval times the peasants in their wretched mansions saw armored knights dart, wrapped in their splendid cloaks. The farmer admired them from afar, but if the knight’s horse lost an iron, he was forced to stop, and the farmer could give him a hand and get some coins in return.

Reliable material: Quality Material: Crafted with zinc alloy that is both lead and nickel free, reliable in quality, and not easy to fade and deform, which are firm and not easy to break, you can use it for a long time.

  • Length: 3 1/4"
  • Width: 1 1/4"
  • Loop Diameter: 3/16"
  • Metal Color: Antique Silver, Copper & Brass

~ All of my Earrings are Lead and Nickle FREE. I use Stainless Steel Hook for all of them including earring backs. ~

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