Full Moon Magic

The full moon is traditionally a time of spiritual celebration for people all over the world. For those who practice nature-based belief systems, including the many different Pagan religious paths, it's one of the best times to do some serious magical workings. Here's how to get started with some simple full moon magic that you can easily do at home.

Key Takeaways

  • The full moon has traditionally been a time of great magic and power in a number of spiritual belief systems. In this state, the moon provides an added magical boost to the different workings.
  • Even if you can't see the full moon directly, it's still there—you can still use it to make magic.
Intuitive Development

Many intuitive people will tell you that they feel a heightened sense of awareness at the time of the full moon. While there are different types of intuitive and psychic gifts—and no two people are exactly alike—you can start expanding your abilities during this period by deliberately connecting with the moon itself. Sit outside, under the full moonlight, ideally in a place free of distractions—this includes silencing your phone. Look up at the moon, focusing on it. Talk to the moon in its aspect as a heavenly embodiment of magic and energy. Feel the connection developing between you and the lunar powers and open your heart to the gifts of intuition and wisdom that are so intricately tied to the moon. Use this time to practice developing your psychic gifts, when your awareness is at its peak.


There are different types of scrying, but full moon scrying can be a simple and effective form of divination, because many of us feel more energetic and alert during the full phase of the moon. Scrying is simply the act of staring into a reflective surface and interpreting images and messages which might be seen. To do some scrying using the full moon, sit outside at night under the moonlight. Fill a dark colored bowl with water, and place it on a flat, stable surface. Stare into the water, looking for patterns, symbols or pictures. You may see images moving, or perhaps even words forming. Afterward, you can leave your water out overnight to charge it even more, or you can pour it away into your garden as an offering.


Ready to do some dreamwork? The full moon phase is a great time to do this! Consider doing some lucid dreaming, which is a dream state in which you have control over what you do and where you go. Many people find that if they focus on the directions, they want their dreams to take, prior to going to bed, they can in fact guide their dreams. So, let's say you want to do some problem solving—for instance, you don't know if you should stay with your current job, or move to that other one which seems too good to be true. As you fall asleep, consider all of the different options you have before you, so that it's the last thing you're thinking of as you drift off. Ideally, in your dreams, you should be able to explore further, and look at all of the possibilities in front of you.


If you've ever thought about spiritually purifying yourself, your space, or your magical tools, the full moon is the perfect time to do it. Pull out your crystals, Tarot cards, and herbs, and get ready to do some cleansing. You can do this by passing them over burning sage or the smoke of your favorite incense, or even the flame of a white candle. If you really want them to absorb that powerful lunar energy, place them in a bowl or on the windowsill to take on some full moon magic. Keep in mind that even if you can't see the moon—perhaps it's behind a cloud, or your windows don't give you a good view of it—it's still there, and its energy is tangible. Even tools placed on your altar during the night of the full moon will be purified and charged.

Spiritual Decluttering

Ever look around your life and think It's all just too much? Of course, you have—we all have—because sometimes things just get overwhelming. This is when spiritual decluttering can help save the day. The full moon period is a great time to do this, because we're often at a period of heightened awareness when the moon is at its fullest. Plus, we're about to roll into the waning moon phase, which is a time of getting rid of things that no longer serve us.

Much like Marie Kondo tells people to get rid of material items that don't "spark joy" anymore, you can eliminate non-tangible things that aren't making you happy. This includes people, jobs, or feelings and emotions. Is envy towards a coworker causing you distress at work? Make the conscious decision to push envy out of your life. Is there a toxic friend that hurts your feelings every time you're together? Stop giving your time and energy to this person. Once you make the deliberate choice to eliminate negative things from your life that are cluttering it up, you make room for joy and fulfillment.


Are you a creative type? Take advantage of the rich energy of a full moon and do something groundbreaking. Write a new story, paint a picture, compose a song. Play music that makes you want to dance with wild abandon. Do you have some ideas for creative endeavors that you just haven't gotten around to yet, or a work in progress that has stalled out? Call on that powerful lunar pull and use it to jump-start and harness your creative juices. Go make art.


For many people, the full moon is a healing time. Go outside and make offerings to the healing gods of your pantheon, call them in, and ask them to bless you with healing magic. In particular, the moon is associated with women's mysteries and reproductive health, so if you've been having female-related medical issues, use this time to take a warm healing bath full of herbs, or do a ritual to invoke healing energy into your body. You can also perform healing magic for others—there are plenty of herbs and crystals you can charge by the light of the full moon for healing purposes.

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