Casting a Magick Circle

Casting a magick circle is one of the most common rituals in Wicca and Witchcraft. Circle casting is an act of creating a space for spell work or ritual. It’s an important skill that most learn early on in their craft.

Known as “the Circle of Protection” or “Circle of Power,” the circle is used for several reasons.

In particular, the circle provides protection by keeping unwanted energy out of your workspace. At the same time, containing the magickal energy that you raise within, and it’s said to be a “space between worlds.”

As a result, when we enter the circle, we step closer to the worlds of magick, spirits, and the gods. In addition to this we also more readily separate from the mundane. In other words, we shift further into a magickal state of consciousness.

When to Cast a Circle

Although the circle provides several benefits to your spell work, it isn’t actually necessary for magick.

Most beginners and even experienced witches find circle casting to be extremely helpful during ritual or spell work. On the other hand, some practitioners may find that they only need it during complex workings.

Personally, I cast a circle for nearly all my magickal workings. Specifically, because of the circle’s ability to contain magickal energy, which allows me to focus better.

However, I always cast a circle when working with or honoring deity. This is because the “space between worlds” allows me to be closer to the Divine. Inside the circle it feels as if the gods are standing there with me.

How to Cast a Circle

Usually, the circle is cast at the very start of a magickal working.

There are a ton of different methods for casting a circle. They can be as simple or complex as you’d like. But above all, each method requires deep concentration or visualization. As well as the belief that the circle is there.

With this in mind, some find it helpful to draw the circle with chalk, salt or a length of ribbon. If you aren’t used to sensing magickal energy it can be tricky to recognize the circle.

Similarly, the circle can be cast using ritual tools or just your hand. Additionally, some methods involve an incantation or chant. If an incantation doesn’t seem helpful, circles can be cast with visualization alone.

Lastly, some methods use the four elements to cast the circle. However, I prefer to keep them separate. If I’m going to work with the elements, I have a separate Quarter Calling for that.

What Does a Magick Circle Look Like?

Despite being called a circle, the magick circle is not a circle at all. In reality, it’s a psychic sphere, containing the space above and below you.

Traditionally, I heard that the circle should be about nine feet in diameter. Truthfully, I’m not certain how big my circles are.

Nine feet is just a suggestion from Wicca, nine is a sacred number. Truthfully it doesn’t matter, as long as you have enough space inside the circle

Besides, a smaller circle is easier to visualize and maintain.

Moreover, the circle is made of energy. So, it can pass through physical objects. In my case, the circle passes through the wall behind my altar. Nevertheless, it seems to work for me.

My Circle Casting Instructions

First, make sure that any distractions have been taken care of, that way you won’t be interrupted.

Depending on the setting, you may want or even need to cleanse the workspace before conjuring the circle.

Unwanted energy might be lingering in the space. As a result, that energy would be contained in the circle if it’s not removed.

Besides, cleansing the space feels like a part of casting the circle.

After your space has been cleansed, you’ll want to start at the center of your workspace. With your wand, athame or simply your dominant hand allow yourself to enter a relaxed state. Facing North or East (I start in the East) direct your energy to the spot where you want to start the circle.

You’ll want to visualize a beam of energy traveling from your hand to the ground, outlining the circle. Then you’ll travel deosil (clockwise). You’ll want to walk the inner perimeter of the circle at least once.

Additionally, you can chant an incantation such as this one in order to better focus your intent:

incantation to cast a magick circle
Simple Incantation for Circle Casting. Feel free to use this incantation in your spell-work.

What Does it Feel Like Inside the Circle?

Everyone experiences magickal energy uniquely. Our five senses can’t identify the energy around us. Instead, our mind translates it into sensations we can more readily understand.

In my experience, being in a magick circle is a truly magical experience. The barrier of the circle can feel quite strange.

For me, the circle’s edge seems to buzz as if charged with electricity and when I get too close to the circle’s edge it feels like the circle is pushing back. Almost as if reminding me that it’s there.

Everything inside the circle feels calm compared to the rest of the world. There’s a warmth to it.

Honestly, it feels like time moves differently inside the circle. Beyond that, I feel connected to the universe when I’m in the circle. The Wiccan phrase “In perfect love and perfect trust,” is what I think of.

In perfect love and perfect trust,” is said by many Wiccans before they enter the ritual circle. In essence, it’s an affirmation they use to describe the love of the Goddess and the God.

While I don’t identify as Wiccan, I do apply the idea of “perfect love and perfect trust,” inside the circle.

At any rate, another experience I have is when I look outside the circle and let my eyes adjust. Almost every time I can suddenly see the translucent outline of the circle. It’s like looking through glass.

I highly recommend casting a circle and just sitting inside for a while. Take note of how you feel and anything you see. If you let your vision, go soft you may see the circle’s outline.

Of course, how you experience the “space between worlds,” will be different from my experience.

In the beginning, it might be subtle. But it’s there. And with experience, you’ll find it.

Creating Doorways

Once you feel confident that the circle has been cast, this is when the quarters would be called. As well as the intended spell work or ritual practice.

Generally, it’s best to stay in the circle until you’re finished. Of course, sometimes you need to step out. For example, if you left any supplies out and need to grab them or simply need to use the bathroom.

Luckily, there is a method for exiting the circle without messing it up.

If you simply step through the circle, you might break it, releasing any energy you’ve raised. Instead, you can create a doorway in the circle to step through.

To cut a doorway, reach out and visualize the barrier of the circle. Once you feel its energy, simply cut a vertical line through it. I do this with my athame, but it can be done just as easily with your finger.

Another way is to cut out a full archway. However, this is trickier in my opinion because energy slips out more easily.

For this reason, I use the vertical cut.

Now, using both hands feel the cut and pull the energy out so that you can step through.  You can visualize this as if you were pulling curtains open.

After you’ve stepped through the doorway, pull the energy back into place. You’ll want to return to the circle quickly. When you do, pull the curtains apart once more and enter the circle.

Once you’re inside the circle again be sure to seal the doorway you made. Simply visualize the energy connecting and closing up. If it helps, you can add a simple affirmation.

Opening the Circle

After you’ve completed a spell or ritual within the circle, you’ll need to “open” the circle with the same level of care as your casting. If deity, spirits or the quarters were called be sure to properly dismiss them before proceeding.

While facing the direction where you finished the casting, take your athame, besom or your receptive hand (non-dominant) and travel the opposite direction, in most cases this would be widdershins. Visualize the circle being pulled into your hand or fading away as you sweep.

You’ll continue this until you reach your starting point. Be sure to travel the perimeter the same number of times as your casting.

Once the circle is opened and dismissed you can disconnect yourself from the work.

Finally, the last step is to ground yourself to release any excess energy.

sample charm to open a magick circle
Free charm to open a magick circle. Feel free to use in your spell-work.


Even though casting a circle is easy, it can make a big difference in your magickal workings.

So, despite the fact that the circle isn’t necessary to magick, I can attest that it makes spellwork much easier.

When I first entered a magick circle, I had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, magick felt so much more alive inside the circle. And it was inside that “space between the worlds” that I first felt the Divine.

So, what are your views on the circle? If you already use the magick circle, when do you use it? Only for certain rituals or for all magickal work? What does your circle casting ritual look like?

And if you don’t use a magick circle during spell-work, try it out, even if just once. 

Credit ~ The Easy Guide to Casting a Magick Circle - Orion The Witch