Travel Altars & Altar Tables

The word altar has varying definitions in different contexts. In the context of Witchcraft, an altar is generally a Witch’s workspace. A Witches altar serves as a focal point for magical activity. It provides a dedicated space to perform spells and ceremonies with tools easily at hand.

Altar Blessing

Wave your Hands over your Altar While Chanting:

From the Mystic Light of the night to fertile foundations of the Earth

On the shores of the deepest waters

Out of hopes and dreams, On the wings of wine

Of light and inspiration, With the inner flame that kindles within

Divine spark and gleam, back to light from darkness

For manifestation swiftly fulfilled, Moves the      unseen to be seen

By the Light of the Moon, The shining stars & the burning sun

By the Gods, The Goddesses and the Ancient Ones

Bless’d be this Altar

And all here on, Good for all

And harming none