Natural Moonstone Mala

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Natural Moonstone Mala
Natural Moonstone Mala
Natural Moonstone Mala
Natural Moonstone Mala

Moonstone meaning is directly connected to the moon and its effects on the earth. It is all about the natural rhythms of the earth, the tides and life in general. Moonstone rocks were carved into amulets to protect travelers, evoke passion in lovers, open the path to wisdom and open channels for prophets. The waxing and waning cycles of the moon, which are at the heart of moonstone meaning, are said to be reflected in moonstones as they wax and wane along with the moon cycles. Moonstone meaning ties into the calming natural rhythms of the moon and mother earth. Moonstone statuettes and jewelry encourage calm emotions and behavior while supporting spiritual growth.


Moonstones encourage hopes and dreams, providing hope for the future and dreams of how that future may unfold. Moonstone rocks and jewelry can bring about useful insights while preventing the negativity that stifles hopes and dreams for the future. The mind is more open to inspiration and the possibility of serendipity and synchronicity. Moonstone strengthens spiritual purity by shrinking the ego. Materialism can more easily be controlled or denied, allowing a stronger focus on faith. Monks frequently utilize moonstones to strengthen their spirituality.

Moonstone imparts a metal energy in Feng Shui. Metal energy supports healing, creativity, contraction and intelligence. Metal energy enhances togetherness and promotes better functioning as a group, resulting in more positive outcomes from concepts and ideas. Metal energy is essential for going through life without becoming a victim, even though it is a sharp, hard energy that can be destructive. Place moonstone in rooms where groups of people work together or in areas for gathering strength and concentration. Moonstone's metal energy is commonly utilized best in west or northwest areas of the home. It will encourage determination and solidify efforts.


Healing properties of moonstone provide soothing, calming energy for emotional health and balance. Moonstone gems impart a healing energy that balances extreme emotional highs and lows. This makes it easier to control emotions through Higher Will instead of expressing them inappropriately or repressing them. Subconscious emotional patterns can be more easily identified and explosive expression of emotions better controlled. All of this culminates in improved composure and confidence.

How to use moonstones for emotional healing:

  • Place the moonstone on the center of the chin or moon center while lying down at rest to enjoy the healing properties of moonstone.

Moonstone can help men find their "feminine side" by stimulating the right brain. As a result, men achieve greater emotional balance and experience non-linear thinking.

Moonstone can help women find their feminine power, encourage clairvoyant abilities and increase kundalini energy.

Moonstone properties calm children, soothing them while they are away overnight, reducing the likelihood of nightmares and encouraging sleep. Moonstones are also used to help prevent sleepwalking.

Moonstone powers facilitate a deeper meditative state. Insights into situations and interactions will be more readily revealed with the use of moonstone gemstones. Moonstone rocks also facilitate past-life regressions.

  • Blue and cat's eye moonstone gems are especially useful for inner vision and clarity, focus during meditation and sharp awareness during altered states. Emotional patterns and cycles as well as life lessons are more easily revealed and yin and yang energy balance achieved with these particular types of moonstone.
  • Gray moonstone stones or "New Moon Stones" facilitate deeper perceptions and movement into new realms. They are especially useful for shamans and clairvoyants. They are the moonstones of the new moon where potential abounds.
  • White moonstone powers impart the highest new moon energy. They facilitate psychic perceptions and visions and work with dreams. Be cautious with this moonstone. It magnifies emotions and activates kundalini energy for women. White moonstones encourage emotional balance for men. Use white moonstones to suppress nightmares for children and eliminate insomnia.
    • Peach and yellow moonstone powers are especially useful in areas of the heart and mind. When used in meditation, these moonstone rocks focus on the reduction of anxiety and worry to bring out your best behavior. They impart loving energy that supports The Divine and provide emotional support for sensitive, intuitive children.
    • Rainbow moonstones diffuse energy all through the aura like a prism. These moonstones are aligned with the goddess, connecting the spirits and energy of nature. They facilitate clearing of the senses and mind, calm sleep, lucid dreaming and psychic protection, including deflecting negativity. Rainbow moonstones also ease emotional trauma.

    How to use moonstone in meditation:

    • Place moonstones over the heart and solar plexus while meditating to help balance the emotions. Practice deep breathing to facilitate emotional awareness and healing.
    • Put a moonstone gemstone on a chain or string that allows the moonstone to hang on the chest in front of the heart.
    • While lying on the back, place moonstone gems in a line that extends from the navel to the bottom of the breastbone and one moonstone over the heart.

    A moonstone mala is used for counting mantra recitations while meditating. Moonstone malas can be especially useful for meditation during pregnancy and childbirth.

    How to use moonstone malas:

    • Meditate while holding a moonstone mala gently in the left hand.
    • Hold the first bead between thumb and index finger.
    • Recite one mantra, move to the next bead and repeat.

    Moonstone meaning in Divination is: Now is the time to speak what is in your heart. Pale blue moonstone rocks or gemstones are used in divining. The moonstone is placed on a yellow cloth on a full moon night. Gaze at the moonstone in the moonlight or in silver candlelight. Watch the light dance across the surface of the moonstone and wait for mental images to appear. It is said that words will explain the significance of the mental image. Events observed will supposedly happen during the following three months.


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