BloodStone Witches Runes - Semi-Precious Witches Rune Set with Velvet Bag - Set of 13 - Runes - Rune Stones - Divination Tools - Wiccan - Pagan - Spiritual Tools

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BloodStone Witches Runes - Semi-Precious Witches Rune Set with Velvet Bag - Set of 13 - Runes - Rune Stones - Divination Tools - Wiccan - Pagan - Spiritual Tools
BloodStone Witches Runes - Semi-Precious Witches Rune Set with Velvet Bag - Set of 13 - Runes - Rune Stones - Divination Tools - Wiccan - Pagan - Spiritual Tools
BloodStone Witches Runes - Semi-Precious Witches Rune Set with Velvet Bag - Set of 13 - Runes - Rune Stones - Divination Tools - Wiccan - Pagan - Spiritual Tools

BloodStone Witches Runes

Bloodstone carries a tremendous power to ground one fully in the body, in the here and now, and to enhance one’s capacity to function with strength, determination and courage. It provides emotional support during times of extreme adversity, and helps those who have been bullied or abandoned by others to regain their connection to the Divine, letting them know that loneliness and isolation are mere illusion. Bloodstone teaches that chaos often precedes transformation and guides one in knowing when it is appropriate to strategically withdraw from situations, and when flexibility and taking right action will help one remain true to one’s own path. Bloodstone calms the emotional body, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making, nourishing feelings of worth, self-confidence and self-sufficiency.




The Witches Runes are far from ancient or extraordinary. Many common forms of runes, such as the Elder Futhark, were from ancient civilizations and were used as part of the written language of the day. The Witches Runes have no clear origin, however they certainly are a modern creation catering to the modern Witch or Diviner. While this set comes in 13, there are other sets known to contain 8 or 10. Some say there are 13 to represent the number of moons in a year.


Consecrating the Runes

1. Begin with a normal Ritual set up. Cast a circle if you wish, meditate, give prayer, light incense/candle, clean the space you will be working in both physically and spiritually.

2. Place the Runes down in the center of an elemental Pentagram, or whatever surface you happen to be working on.

3. With each rune, take an Anointing Oil and draw a Pentagram on one side.

4. Then, pass each rune through the incense smoke or over the candle flame.

5. Hold all the runes in your hands and imagine power flowing into them. Recite a blessing at this time.

6. Then treat them with salt, either by giving them a salt spray and leaving them to dry, or by sitting them in dry salt for at least several hours

7. Close with a prayer, chant, or saying (So mote it be, Ateh malkuth veh-geburah veh-gedulla le olam amen, etc)


Blessing the Runes


Pentagram Blessing:

Spirit of the North, bless these runes with the stabilizing presence of Earth.

Spirit of the East, bless these runes with the breezy presence of Air.

Spirit of the South, bless these runes with the flaming passion of Fire.

Spirit of the West, bless these runes with the ever-changing flow of Water.

Spirit of the Center, bless these runes with the all-encompassing power of the Universe


General Blessing:

Stone and Symbol let secrets unfold:

Messages from ancestors and guardians be told.

May gentle insight guide every word,

So sacred wisdom may be heard

By a heart open and ready to receive

Divine Guidance to conceive.




It isn’t necessary to reconsecrate runes every time you feel as though their power is dwindling, you can just charge them! Here’s some ways how:

1. Place a ring of salt around them or submerge the runes in dry salt for several days

2. Sleep with the runes, under your pillow or next to you

3. Sit them on a windowsill where they can soak up some moonlight

4. Put them in a plastic bag and bury them in the Earth

5. Pass the runes through incense smoke

6. Use crystals or a crystal grid

7. Meditate with the runes

8. Hold them and visualize old energy flowing out and new energy flowing in




1. Use a small quartz crystal to charge with your question. Hold it in your hands while you think about or speak of your question, and do not let go until it is warm.

2. Once warm, put the crystal in the rune bag and shake the bag to ensure the energized crystal makes contact with every single rune.

3. NEVER look in the bag to pick a rune, and NEVER just grab the most convenient one. When your hand is in the bag, it should be moving around and picking the rune it is drawn to.




There are NUMEROUS ways to cast Runes. They can be cast just like Elder Futhark runes, or even laid out like Tarot Spreads. Here are some of the more common ways:

1. Complete Throw:

On a table, throw all the runes down without looking. You can read and interpret where they land in a multitude of different ways. Read from any direction across to the other direction, or follow a path that may have formed. Pay notice to Runes that fell off the table, were upside down, or are being pointed at by the Eye rune.

2. Full Future Throw:

Indicate a center point with your small quartz crystal by charging it with intent, then repeat the Complete Throw. Runes closer to the center are going to occur closest to the current time, while Runes farther away from the center will occur farther in the future.

3. Single Rune Draw:

This is a good way to familiarize with the Runes, but not the best for a clear and concise reading. Do this at the beginning of the day to act as an indicator of how the day will go, or draw single runes at random throughout the day to see how the runes explain current happening events to you.

4. Three Rune Draw:

This is a comprehensive way to draw for a reading that consists of 3 parts, such as Birth/Life/Death, Past/Present/Future, Beginning/Middle/End, Problem/Focus/Solution, etc.

5. Five Rune Draw:

This set is a great way to give a reading regarding a problem or a journey. The spread has one center rune with four around it like a big + . From left to right and top to bottom, the rune’s indicators are Beginning, Helps, Focus, Hurts, and End. ‘Beginning’ and ‘End’ can be subbed for ‘Problem’ and ‘Solution’


The Runes Themselves


The Sun

The Sun is a very positive feeling rune, often associated with happiness and the color yellow. Some of its meanings could be:

-The start of something new

-Making a good decision

-Choosing the correct answer

-Having good health

-Having good vitality/life


-Good news

-Justice where needed

-General happiness

-A positive end to something


The Moon

The Moon is a bit of a mysterious rune, often associated with secretive energy and the color silver. Some of its meanings could be:

-Long term changing

-Transitioning from one thing to another

-Slow change (think of the tides!)

-Hidden agendas

-Secrets being kept

-The imagination

-Feminine energy

-A woman in your life

-Cyclic motion

-Good -> Bad and Bad -> Good


The Flight

Flight is a sociable rune often associated with the color white/light blue. Some of its meanings could be:



-The spread of information


-Cause and Effect

-Methods of travel (cars, planes, boats, etc)

-Social media


-Talking/ Word of mouth

-The News


The Rings

The Rings is a rune with a very tying/bonding feel to it, typically associated with the color gold. Some of its meanings could be:

-Circumstances involving others

-Two things or people

-Interacting with others

-This + That = New



-The bonds between two subjects

-Shared interests

-The result of a partnership

-A new bond forming or an old bond breaking


The Romance

Romance, like the rings, is a very bonding rune often associated with hues of pink and red. Some of its meanings could be:




-Deep emotional connections

-A soulmate

-Harmony with another person or group

-Feeling mutual love

-Close friendships

-A growing appreciation

-Marriage is coming


The Woman

The Woman is a feminine rune associated with brownish tones. Some of its meanings could be:

-Traditional female roles

-Traditional female characteristics


-A person who practices healing professionally

-The home

-Creativity and passion


-Caring for someone


-Subtleness and softness


The Man

The Man is a masculine rune associated with shades of brown. Its meanings could be:

-Traditional male abilities

-Traditional male characteristics



-Being a protector to loved ones

-Being a provider




-Leadership and dominance


The Harvest

The Harvest is a rune of plenty and abundance, often associated with the color green. Some of its meanings could be 


-The fruits of labor

-Self sustenance

-Good fortune


-Education and the gaining of Knowledge

-Having needs met

-Good karma


-The benefits of believing in yourself


The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a troublesome rune associated with dark grey. Some of its meanings could be:

-Multiple paths available

-Major life decisions

-Feeling stuck

-Lack of confidence in actions

-Fear of change

-Fear of proceeding along a path

-Options to consider when making a choice

-A not well thought out plan

-A physical obstacle

-An emotional or spiritual blockage


The Star

The star is a hopeful rune often associated with white or a glowing color. Some of its meanings could be:

-A green light to go after what you want

-Your life purpose (nearby runes provide clues)

-A wish coming true

-A goal being reached

-A happy ending in sight

-Being true to yourself

-Feeling freedom from troubles

-Achieving your dreams


-Wishful thinking


The Waves

Waves is a flowing rune commonly associated with water and the color blue. Some of its meanings could be:

-Being moved

-Deep connection to spirit world

-Going with the flow

-Feeling that things are out of your control



-Unclear answers


-Passing time

-Feeling as though you are being passed


The Scythe

The Scythe is a dramatic rune, often associated with the color red (and sometimes black). This rune could mean:

-Sudden changes

-Sudden endings

-Making a final decision

-Completing something

-Walking away from someone or something



-Proceed warily and with caution

-Cutting away/ removing

-Dramatic change


The Eye

The eye is a very spiritual rune often paired with the color purple or white. It’s common meanings are:


-Importance (look at runes around it for clues)



-The truth


-Seeing things as they truly are

-Psychic abilities

-The lifting of the “Veil”

-Visual activities

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