Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala

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Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala
Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala
Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala
Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala

Hand Knotted Fluorite Mala

Traditional Style

Peace • Meditation • Harmony
Do you ever wish that your spirit could be more like teflon? With Fluorite, you can be one step closer to having a non-stick spirit that is tough as teflon. No matter what negativity life cooks up, wipe your slate clean with the soothing vibrations of fluorite. It brings organization to worried or chaotic minds, and allows you to release trivial emotions so that you can focus on finding your bliss.

Meditation with fluorite emits balancing vibrations in all directions to help you get recentered. Memories of mistakes that would normally fester until they caused a downward spiral of thoughts, can be assuaged by the peaceful acceptance of fluorite. In first helping you to assess which feelings are your own, and which negative emotions are coming to you from someone else, fluorite cuts out that outer influence so that you can focus on yourself.

For the self-deprecation, fluorite offers a new and unbiased point-of-view. Often, the lens through which we view ourselves is distorted, like a fun house mirror. This overly critical perspective makes it impossible to see ourselves for who we really are. With fluorite, however, we can drop the judgemental perspectives that do not serve us, and replace them with a lens of self-confidence. This inner strength will reassure us when others try to attach their insecurities onto us. If the force that is altering your mood and perspective is excessive worry or anxiety, meditation with fluorite is a wonderful way to bring organization into a chaotic mind.

Fluorite can be used as a tool to relieve stress by dispelling the trivial issues that plague you, and minimizing the major worries by forming a task list for how can set about resolving them. No matter what negativity is sticking in your mind, fluorite can enable you to cleanse yourself of it with peace, positivity and bliss.

Fluorite is used in honoring Annapurna, the Hindu Goddess of Food, Cooking, and Kitchens; Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility, Clota, Goddess of the River Cldye; Itzpapaloti, the Aztec Butterfly Goddess;  Vac, the Hindu Goddess of the Spoken Word; and Minerva, the Etruscan Goddess of Wisdom.

Mala beads, or simply Malas, are a set of beads, seeds, or stones used for prayer, meditation, and mantra practice. All my Malas are hand knotted and invoked with positive energy. 

Authentic 108 bead Mala necklaces - Hand knotted and blessed. Picking Mala beads for yourself can be a daunting task. Which materials should you pick from? Do you need one or are you going to need a bunch? Can you reuse a mala over and over? What about if you need a mala for more than one intention at a time? But, picking one out for someone else — that’s a whole new experience. There are so many Malas with different intentions that is can be overwhelming.

Handmade with love, worn with intention. From Traditional, Zen, Straight, Tibetan, Past-Present-Future, Mantra and my Signature Zoey Mala. I create every Mala with strong double strung nylon thread. My Malas have 108 (108 = 108 human passions) beads made from semiprecious stones & one guru gemstone or metal guru bead, tassel or both.  The 109th stone symbolizes gratitude. My signature gemstone gurus are used for their unique energies, healing properties and colors to support and strengthen your devotion. Choose your mala to symbolize the strength of your intention and your commitment to live less from habit and more from intention.

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